Very tiny AVA stud earrings made of 18k gold to wear single or as pair.


- available in different gemstone versions:
  white diamond, black diamond, ruby, blue sapphire, emerald
- total weight: pair min. 0.03 ct. 
- for white diamond version:
   - White diamond color: FG
   - White diamond clarity: VS
   - White diamond cut: brilliant
- 18k gold
- diamonds and gold are certified
- can be worn single with a long rosary earring on the other side
  or nicely as pair
NIVES Logo on back side
- prices exclude VAT and delivery costs


Black rhodium plating on jewelry articles will fade over time as one wears the jewelry. It is thus not a permanent plating, but it can be reapplied. We offer this service in our service section.

In image: Tiny AVA 18k light yellow gold white diamond stud


This item's measurements are: 

Size 1: ca length: 0.059" / ca. 0.15 cm

If your desired item is not in stock or you wish to order a special size or variant, please get in contact with us: customerservice@nives.com

Availability : If the item is in stock, it will be shown after selecting your preferred variant and ships in 1 business day. If the selected variant is not in stock, it ships in ca. 4-6 weeks.

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