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Delicate evil eye pendant TALISMAN in eye shape made of 18k gold to hang on anklets, bracelet or necklaces.

- 18k gold
- diamond total weight: min. 0.096 ct. white diamonds outside
- version 1 with sapphire in center: min. 0.11 ct. blue sapphire
- version 2 with diamond in center: min. 0.11 ct. white diamond
- for white diamond version:
   - White diamond color: FG
   - White diamond clarity: VS
   - White diamond cut: brilliant
- 18k gold
- diamonds, sapphire and gold are certified
- can be worn on anklets, bracelets, belly chains and necklaces
NIVES Logo on back side
- prices exclude VAT and delivery costs 
 - final sale - sample sale item.


    NIVES anklets, bracelets and necklaces are fragile, thus we recommend not to hang to many pendants on the jewelry articles.

    We recommend not to hang more than 2 diamond items (4 with tassels in size 1 (4 tassels and one diamond pendant) on the chains.

    Article on image: 18k light yellow gold white diamond and blue sapphire evil eye pendant TALISMAN. Item is on sale, since the center blue sapphire is darker than the new TALISMAN pendants.

    This item's measurements are: 

    max. length: 0.39" / ca. 1 cm

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