Irregular shaped NATURAL PEARL pendant with 18k gold ring to hang on  NIVES anklets, bracelets, necklaces, belly chains and hoop earrings. Wear it solo or combined with other NIVES pendants. 


- 18k gold
- gold is certified
- irregular uneven shape
- Natural pearl weight: ca. 7 ct.
NIVES logo on ring
- prices exclude VAT and delivery costs


NIVES`s articles are made from natural materials and as such may have some small inclusions and vary in shape. NIVES anklets, bracelets and necklaces are fragile, thus we recommend not to hang to many pendants on the jewelry articles. We recommend not to hang more than 4 items (5 with tassels in size 1) on the chains.


Image: 18k rhodium white gold NATURAL PEARL pendant.



This item's measurements are: 
- length: ca. 0.47" / ca. 1.2 cm

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