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925 recycled silver CARINE hoop earrings in size M to wear single or as pair.

- 925 recycled silver
- silver is certified recycled silver
- size M: 3 cm/ 1.18" diameter
- ca. 3 mm wide/ 0.11 inch wide
- can be worn single or nicely as pair
NIVES Logo on the inside
- NIVES pendants can be attached to it, (thin hoop pendants will not match)
- sold without pendants and as pair
-  also available in 18k gold and soon also in 925 silver 18k gold plated
Prices exclude VAT and delivery costs

We decided to bring a 925 silver version since they are a bit lighter than the 18k gold hoops and thus more comfortable to wear in larger sizes.


Silver jewelry develops a black coating on its surface after some time. This tarnish is a result of a chemical reaction that occurs when silver comes into contact with air and various substances. Silver tarnish is a form of corrosion and it can be removed relatively easily. While tarnishing is a natural process that cannot be prevented, it can be slowed down, but you will still need to clean the tarnished layer at some point.

Gold plating on 925 silver jewelry articles will fade over time as one wears the jewelry. It is thus not a permanent plating, but it can be reapplied. We offer this service in our service section.

If items are not on stock, it takes ca. 3-4 weeks to produce them.

In image: CARINE hoop earrings M in 925 silver in 3 cm/ 1.18" diameter.



This item's measurements are: 

Size S: ca. inside diameter : 0.78" / ca. 2 cm

Size M: ca. inside diameter : 1.18" / ca. 3 cm

Size L: ca. inside diameter : 2.36" / ca. 6 cm


If your desired item is not in stock or you wish to order a special size or variant, please get in contact with us:

Availability : If the item is in stock, it will be shown after selecting your preferred variant and ships in 1 business day. If the selected variant is not in stock, it ships in ca. 4-6 weeks.

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