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NIVES jewelery box


NIVES is a jewelry and accessories brand from Zurich, Switzerland.

We make beautiful, everyday fine jewelry and accessoires, which are classic yet trendy and made with high quality carftmanship.

"Create the things you wish existed" describes best the motivation behind the project to create NIVES.

"I always wanted to change something on the products I could buy – to change the color, the leather, the setting, the length or I wanted to add a special design to the item.

When creating products, I give attention to every little detail until it is exactly like in my imagination. I want to create products with an attention for details, products which you not only possess, but which you really love. I would like to make products that can be worn for more than one season and more than one occasion and always styled differently according to the mood and personal taste of the wearer."

The design of NIVES products is based on long lasting yet modern styles. NIVES products do not address only one style or one type of women. They can be styled in different ways – from clean, elegant to boho or rock style, just the way the woman feels or which reflects her personal style on a certain day.

All products are made with distinct focus on craftsmanship and quality, refined as far as possible. The approach to good quality and good materials, individual fit and personalization, as well as a good feel, which can be noticed immediately, is the essence of NIVES. All products are handmade and the materials are chosen with utmost care.



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