• POLISHING PENDANT/ RING: price depending on article

In case you lost an earring and would like to complete the pair again, we will try to assist you.

Please get in contact with us at


Once you have chosen your preferred service of the services above, get in contact with us at

Describe us, which  jewelry you would like to have services made on, which services you would like to have made on your  jewelry and please also inform us until when you need it.

We are unfortunately not able to offer these services for articles of other brands.

We will then send you a quote for the services, the secured return shipping and a time frame for your requested services. Please inform us, if the timing and the quote works for you. If so, we will then sent you an email with the details regarding the services and the payment and the shipping address.

Once the service and shipping is paid we will sent you an email with a service authorization number (SAN) with which you are able to sent us your articles. Please do not sent us articles without the SAN. Also make sure to insure your packages.

In case you would like to have a differing return shipping address, please inform us directly at requesting the quote for the services.

Please never send us jewelry/articles without prior getting in contact with us. You can always email to receive an authorization number prior to shipping your items. Articles sent without an authorization number cannot be processed and we are not responsible for any losses or damages.

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