Mix and match...what is so great about our pendants?

Mix and match...what is so great about our pendants?

I decided to create NIVES pendants, thus they can be attached to almost every item of our collection - except for the rings and solid bangles. 

The idea was to give my clients the freedom to wear the pendants they like and not a predefined look. It is the reason why the pendants are not attached to the necklaces or bracelets. (We will of course also offer this type of necklace or bracelet, but for the basic items of our collection, one can attach the pendants of choice to the jewelry.) This is because one does not always want to wear the same style - on one day, one attends a more formal dinner and thus would like to adapt the jewelry choices to this event and the next day, one is invited to attend a rock concert with one`s best friend and would like to wear something different - more "cool" look.

Therefore the NIVES pendants can be worn on our different necklaces, rosary necklaces or chain necklaces, anklets, bracelets, kids bracelets, belly chains and as well as on our hoop earrings. The attachment rings of the NIVES pendants are therefore a bit larger than on the pendants which are attached to necklaces, since the NIVES pendants have to fit over the closure rings at the end of the jewelry necklaces, etc.

And due to the use of 18k gold, which is softer than 14k gold, one can not attach an unlimited amount of pendants, as one would might like to, because the rosary necklaces or hoops will bend from the weight. Thus we recommend not to hang more than 3-4 small pendants and 3 larger pendants on the rosary style items. It still gives more style freedom than fixed pendant styles.

We also offer special hoop pendants, which are made for our thin 18k gold hoops. They can be attached according to your personal style and mood. Also the other NIVES pendants can be attached to the NIVES hoops - like e.g. the tassels, cross and star pendants.

Thus we hope you will enjoy to mix and match the pendants and hoop pendants according to your personal style and occasion.

Mix and match...what is so great about our pendants?

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