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Being on vacation in Ibiza I came across very nice and healthy beach clubs, restaurants and bars.
I was so amazed by the very delicious, tasty and healthy organic food they were serving.
Everything was freshly made and was so so tasty and often even beautiful decorated...
Thus I was indroduced to freshly made lemonade with mint...and since then I just want to drink it. It is really one of the best drinks when it is very hot and the mint made it really extra fresh and special.


And the one in the Giri Café really was the best. Served with tiny ice cubes and fresh mint - just perfect.



Thus I wanted to enclose you my favorite lemon recipe: ( no - it is not the one of the Giri Café..)


-  6 lemons ( room temperature)
-  120 ml agave sirup
-  handful of fresh cut mint
-  1.2-1.4 liter cold water
-  tiny/small ice cubes


And secondly my second new addiction - HUMMUS
Of course it is also not new, but a very good cold served food for hot summer days.
And of course - I wanted to share you my recipe here as well:


 -  2 glasses à 400 g of chickpeas ( or fresh ones, but those need to soak at least 2 hours  

    before using them)

 -  4 tsp tahini

 -  2 garlic gloves (optional)

 -  1 tsp sea salt

 -  4 tsp lemon juice ( fresh)

-   paprika - also for decoration

-   cumin - also for decoration

-   5 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

-   coriander or parsley leaves (optional)

I serve it really cold and fresh with freshly backed or toasted pita bread.



I really hope you enjoy it as well!

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