I was introduced to NIKA Lifting crystals by my hair stylist Andrea Zahnd from Apartment 7 in Zurich ( ). She really knows me well and was sure I will love it. 
At first, I really did not want to try it since I am not a huge fan of the feel of my hair after using olaplex and was a bit fed up of always testing the new "holy grail" for my hair and then not being so happy with it...
But honestly - I was amazed!


Nika Lifting Crystals is a professional hair lifting treatment which restores the flexibility of the hair, nourishing it and increasing its shine. Treatment after treatment, each hair fibre is infused with new energy. The becomes shinier, more elastic and and gives volume to flat dull hair.
It looks more glossy, soft and full-bodied.
And a very good thing -Nika is not testing on animals and the prodcuts do not contain formaldehyde.


My hair is now really shiny, has a very nice and healthy look and soft feel, elasticity and it is so much faster and easier to style.
I definitely love it more than olaplex and now I will have this treatment done to my hair each time I have my hair appointments at Apartment 7 in Zurich.
Go and test it out yourself!




Check it out at:

Apartment 7
Seefeldstrasse 7
8008 Zürich
tel: 043 557 27 87

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