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Testing out new healthy products...

Seeing YLUMI products ( in Instagram stories of some german bloggers, I wanted to try those as well. I am so in love with new healthy products and I am always eager to test them.

And besides the great healthy effects, taste is very important for me. I am actually a huge WELLECO Superelixier fan ( and take their product every day since I really love their products and design, but I am also curious to try those two new products of a different brand as well. Living in Switzerland does not make it always easy to test new products one notices on Instagram, since products often are introduced quite late to the market.

Finally the store biomazing (  listed them and I was very happy to finally be able to test them.

The taste is a bit strange to be honest, especially of the Purify Sparkle. It tastes quite bitter and one really has to get used to it. I like to simply take it in water and drink it.

The Purify Sparkle really helps me to get over my after lunch slump and gives me energy and it is a great alternative for coffee in the afternoon.

The other one - Coco Beauty Sparkle -  I rather like to drink it in my coconut milk from Alpro. It is a great drink in the morning instead of a coffee. Here I will need to use it a bit longer to see effects..

I hope you enjoy testing them as well...




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